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There is more to life than just work. We believe that family and time at home are very important factors of a driver’s happiness. Our drivers leave on loads from our terminal. When done with their outbound deliveries, we load our drivers back to Wisconsin. We do not send our drivers on numerous triangle loads, as we want you back home to both service our core customers for the following week’s load and give you quality time at home.

Non-Forced Dispatch

Our type of dispatch system is almost unheard of in the transportation industry.  When a driver is returning on the inbound load he/she discusses with our outbound dispatcher when they are available with hours, and when they WANT to leave.  We put more effort and resources into our dispatch system, but the result is that we have very little turnover. We feel that if a driver is able to choose not only the load he/she is to go out on and what day they are going to leave, this leads to a more productive and happy driver. For the past 38 years Hayes Transport has made it possible for drivers to be home for those important moments in their life, be it a son or daughter’s play at school, graduation or a Badger or Packer football game with friends and family.

Available Pay Packages

2020 Average Driver earned $90,628.85
26% of Drivers made > $100,000
28% of Drivers made between $90,000-$100,000
26% of Drivers made between $80,000-$100,000

At Hayes Transport, we realize each driver’s needs differ, whether personally, professionally, and/or financially. As a result, we have developed two pay packages (Traditional Per Mile or Salary / Per Mile) based on each driver’s planned annual miles, to fit varying preferences.


Salary Payroll System

110,000 miles/year $75,000 Base, plus additional .78 cents per mile for all miles over 110,000 miles

120,000 miles/year $85,000 Base, plus additional .80 cents per mile for all miles over 120,000 miles

130,000 miles/year $95,000 Base, plus additional .83 cents per mile for all miles over 130,000 miles

  • Must sign up for salary program
  • Commit to monthly/quarterly mileage goals
  • Maintain 2% PC miler goal

Traditional Per Mile

Paid on PC Miler Practical

All drivers are paid on PC Miler Practical.  This is a national routing system that routes a driver based on 53’ trailer legal routes, NOT the shortest miles that some mid to large size companies pay on. In our pay package, our drivers are eligible for a 1 cent per mile bonus on all miles for the year if their hub miles are within 2% of the practical miles. For the past 10 years over 90% of our drivers received this bonus, that is how fair and exact this mileage routing system is.

Base Pay

Base pay is determined by your driving history and experience. Pay starts at 59 cents per mile ( 1 year experience ) to 65 cents per mile.. We value safe and experienced drivers and reward them with increased starting pay.

Productivity Bonus

If a driver averages 10,000 miles per month over a quarter there is an additional 1 cent per mile paid in addition to your base pay.

If a driver averages 11,500 miles per month over a quarter there is an additional 2 cents per mile paid in addition to your base pay.

Holiday Pay

We pay $50 for six holidays throughout the year whether the driver is working or not.

Both Packages also include the following:

East Coast Bonus

For all miles driven with an East Coast delivery (VA, WV and north) there is an additional 5 cents per mile paid in addition to your base pay.

Paid Drops & Pick-Ups

When a driver leaves from our terminal on Friday, Saturday or Sunday the trailer has been preloaded for them. If a driver leaves on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 80% of the trailers are preloaded. If a driver has to load their own outbound load, we pay the driver for this first pickup.  It is customary for many trucking companies to not pay for the first pick up. We pay $25 for the first pickup and $25 for every drop after the 1st.  If more than one load is needed to get the driver home, the additional pickups and drops are paid for also.

Safety Bonus

1 cent per mile is paid on a quarterly basis if the driver does not have any at fault accidents or safety violations on the road.

Detention Pay/Layover Pay

Detention and layovers are paid on a per occurrence basis.  We try to be as fair as possible and try not to put drivers in these unfortunate situations. Our current Layover pay is $100/day.

Fuel Bonus

We provide an opportunity for the driver to earn extra money for increased fuel economy based on the truck and engine model.

$75 Expense Money

Every Friday your EFS Fuel card loads up with $75 which you will have full access to for personal advances and company related expenses.  If company expenses exceed this amount, money will be added to your card. All of our trucks have refrigerators, so our drivers are able to reduce their food expense.  Our trucks are equipped with EZ Pass so most all of the toll roads are charged automatically, instead of stopping and using cash.


I-Pass is a single transponder you place in the window of your truck that automatically pays for tolls in Illinois and eastern toll roads.

Additional Benefits
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Company paid lumpers
  • Late model equipment
  • No hazmat
  • No NYC or borough deliveries
  • No Mexico or Canada
Vacation – If on Salary program if you are meeting your mileage goals you can take a paid week off at any time, no limit on the number of weeks.
  • 1 Week paid after 1 year
  • 2 Weeks paid after 3 years
  • 3 Weeks paid after 5 years
  • 4 Weeks paid after 20 years

Some companies pay a fixed dollar amount or on a fixed mileage amount. Hayes Transport annualizes your earnings for the prior year so you are paid based on what you are earning. For example if you earned $75,000 in the last year, your vacation check would be $1,442.

December/Holiday Bonus

Hayes Transport drivers receive $50 the first December/Holiday you are employed with us. An additional $50 is added for each year of employment.

Longevity Bonus
  • $1,000 Bonus after 10 years of service
  • $1,500 Bonus after 15 years of service
  • $2,000 Bonus after 20 years of service

Hayes Transport  matches your contributions to the 401K plan at 50 cents for every $1.00, up to six percent of your gross earnings.

Health Insurance/Dental

Hayes Transport offers the best health insurance available in the state of Wisconsin with competitive employee participation rates. Health insurance is offered to employees the first of the month after 30 days of company employment. The health insurance is provided by Group Health Cooperative, a Dane County HMO.

Dental insurance is available and is 100% employee paid.

Driver Selection & Expectations

Hayes Transport will select drivers that meet the following criteria:

Drivers Must

  • Be at least 23 years of age
  • Have 1 year of Over the Road (OTR) experience
  • Meet our insurance company’s driving record requirements
  • Pass the required pre-employment drug screening

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